“Last Friday Night” – Selfridges Presents Everyman Cinema

I immediately get lost in the magic of film meets luxury fashion, when a friend invites me to join him on the opening night of Everyman Cinema’s collaboration with Selfridges. This right here lovers, is the world’s first, department store cinema. Yes that’s right, we did it here first on the bricks and mortar of Oxford Street.

It is here that the romantic film aficionado can rekindle old friendships with Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Richard Burton after a tête-à-tête with Givenchy, Burberry and Saint Laurent. I can’t say that I am not just a little chuffed to be one of the first to experience it!

After 20-plus outfit changes, I saunter off, finally, wind in hair, on Mango bike in a H&M grey boiler suit, accompanied by khaki suede Zara Heels and a pat of Bobbi Browns Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in shade Chocolate Cherry.

I arrive in a timely fashion, with more than a few minutes to spare for a quick pic at the large rust iron gates to designer heaven.

Pre-movie theater selfie

On the film menu we have Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard, (recommended for those who love ‘French New Wave’ and ‘jump cuts’) The Wolf of Wall Street for the Di Caprio fanatics and our film for the evening The Grand Budapest Hotel featuring (what is about to be an incredible performance by) Ralph Fiennes. 

Film Menu

I get all “movie theater” and “picture house” on my faux-date for the evening after seeing the all-American 1930’s set up on the LG floor. I am made to forget that I have been there in recent weeks to buy a cookbook stand from Home Furnishings and The Kitchen Classics II by Nigel Slater (wannabe housewives, take heed). I won’t share the embarrasing photographs of me having a red carpet moment at the movies! 

Everyman Cinema

Selfridges Cinema


Red carpet style

A ginger beer, Belgian Witbier and some sweet and salty popcorn later…

Drinks Everyman Cinema

Popcorn Everyman Cinema

…I find myself reclined in the most decadent fibres of ciselé velvet in readiness for some comedic genius,  grandiose storytelling and a phenomenal cast courtesy of director Wes Anderson.


Blurred image Everyman

Just enough leg room for a 6ft something gentleman and a 5ft’10 giraffe. Just kidding I’m 5ft 9! 

Smiley Cinema Selfie

Red lippie or nah? Eye liner, or nah? Mac Cosmetics or Photoshop? Sorry couldn’t help myself! Now I know my way around Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, there is just no stopping me.

Dolled up

After approximately 100 minutes of some of the most quirky flashbacks, alluring cinematography and riveting and comedic tragic episodes, I am left applauding the living genius that is Wes Anderson and stay right until the end to watch the rolling credits (and to take some more shots of where I will sit next time when I return).

Film credits

Seating row 4

Orb seating

Seating Everyman Selfridges

At this point I haven’t realised that my iPhone is hiding inconspicuously behind a red cushion while I hot foot it to the Dessert Wine! Oh the dilemmas of a girl on the go!

Desert Wine

And then of course to Mac…I can’t be expected to just walk past the lipsticks? Show me a girl who can? Name her at once? I choose Morange and Cyber both £14.00 each. Guilty.


It’s been a great evening, although I really need to purchase a Hip Key since at that very said moment, my iPhone is playing hide and seek about 80 metres from where I am standing.
Selfridges PlaqueAfter logging into iCloud, I can see my iPhone is chilling in Selfridges with the cleaning staff and night security.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 23.52.49

I take full advantage of all of Apple’s excellent Lost Mode features, in the hope that my modern day life support machine will be returned safely and unharmed.

Lost Mode

As if sprinkled with Tinkerbell magic, a security guard calls within seconds to ask if there is a way to turn off the annoying pinging sounds my phone keeps playing in lost mode. I assume that is also his way of saying “Come and collect your iPhone!” I am back there to collect it before he even has a chance to turn it off!


Big shout out to Clara H for handing in my iPhone, Dilwar for calling me from the Selfridges security team, Everyman Cinema for a great evening and Mac Cosmetics for ensuring I am always short of my cab fare home from the West End. Ming x

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  • Charmz
    September 16, 2014

    One lippy next time lol

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